Patricia Urquiola for Patrizia Moroso

in Interiors, People
This beautiful house is the result of the creative friendship and cooperation between two of the most influential ladies in the design world today: Patrizia Moroso, head of the Italian brand Moroso and Patricia Urquiola, architect and designer.
Located near Udine in the North of Italy, this peaceful wooden building hosts unexpected interiors, a mix between furniture and prototypes from Moroso and ethnical inspired pieces. The African inspiration is strong in the choice of some of the art, colours and textures. I love the fact that the house, inside and
outside, is refined but not minimalist, it is warm and decorated with splashes of colour. I fell in love with the orange floor (which is probably going to be in my bathroom soon) and the
maxi African photos.
But what I like the most, it’s the overall result, this a house I could move into tomorrow.