Blu spaces

in Color Inspiration
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Blue. Sea blue, electric blue, light blue, emerald blue. A touch of blue, some blue, a lot of blue. One colour, hundreds of possibilities.
It is important to consider when picking your shade of blue if the space is light and the colour of the floor. For instance, I would like to use the rich blue in the third photo in the bedroom of the flat I am working on at the momenti but it is not very big and it would clash with yellowish-greyish gorgeous oak floor. In fact this blue goes better with a colour that has got a percentage of orange in it like a cherry flooring. I really like the idea of adding a touch of blue like in the second and forth photos: it allows you to keep it mainly white and light. The first and last photos are an example of the infinitive possibilities that you can explore. A good source of inspiration is of course the sea. What do you reckon? Which one do you like best?