Margherita Missoni: less is not always more

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I haven’t got much time for famous people’s siblings. They actually piss me off sometimes, in fact the majority undoubtedly start from a privileged position, they generally work for the family business, they don’t need to emerge or compete with thousands of other people, they have more financial possibilities than most, they can attend the best schools, visit the most exclusive places, buy whatever they want and meet a lot of successful and inspiring people. They have it easier, no doubt. It’s also true that in some cases they grow up in an extremely creative environment, they have the chance to absorb so much, to enlarge their horizons if they have a bit of brain and are not too spoilt. Their cultural or technical background sometimes is richer than most. For instance if I had decided to follow my father’s steps – a renowned expert in Industrial and Technological Chemistry-, I would have relied on his experience to some extent and probably be in a privileged situation myself. I didn’t but still, what they thought me, the places they showed me, the life they allow me to lead gave me an advantage in life.

When I first saw the photos of the young and good-looking Margherita Missoni I was surprised. Maybe she isn’t the spoilt child with a silver spoon in her mouth that I thought she was. Perhaps having grown up surrounded by beautiful fabrics and creative people and travelling has given her a better aesthetic. In her space she layered different colors and textures in an attractive chaotic way. I like it busy but personal, it kitsch but elegant,

I included  a picture of Margherita Missoni in her bridal dress, during her bucolic, Missoni branded, wedding.