Scott Maddux’s exotic work

in Interiors
When I was recently in the UK, I was thinking – while looking around the big Victorian house where I was staying in- most of the British architecture (Victorian , cottages, the semi-detached 1960’s houses) has a lot of character but is not easy to decorate. The rooms are generally quite small, the ceiling low, the features (windows, stairs, fireplaces etc.) too characterized to fit well with, for instance, a super contemporary or exotic look.
This doesn’t mean though, that most houses have to look the same and it doesn’t justify the recurring use of the shabby-chic, pretty-brit style that I find, to be honest, mundane and unimaginative.
I like the vibe of Alastair and Catherine Kneale’s London house by interior designer Scott Maddux, as seen in  the lastest issue of Homes & Gardens. It’s colourful, exotic, different and really personal (so personal that when I saw it for the first time, it took a few minutes to decide if I liked it or not). Scott Maddux has managed to fuse into the same space some unconventional pieces and styles, strong colours and colonial hints and has given his clients a house that speaks about them and not only about the taste of their interior designer.