Genesis sculptures in Ghiora Aharoni’s beautiful house

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One of my dreams is to have my own art collection, I love to be surrounded by antiques and inspiring pieces that tell a story; in my own way I do it. I am not one of those people who think that art is something obscure.
In the lastest issue of Elle Decor Italia, there is a feature about Ghiora Aharoni’s house in New York. It is a big flat in a 1903 building in Greenwich Village, a white shell with some beautiful pieces and some fascinating sculptures by Ghiora Aharoni that caught my eye. At first glance they seem like brewery stills from an esoteric world. These seven assemblage Genesis Sculptures are put together using test tubes, nested eggs, skeletons, words from the Torah, light bulbs, dolls’ heads “to invoke the clash between the theological and the empirical”.  Taking into account that I don’t like obscure art and I like to speak simply –  they are very cool. What do you reckon?