Possessed N.1 in London

in Interiors
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A few days ago Tina Bernstein, a talented polyglot interior designer, posted on her blog Colourliving a few photos of Possessed N.1. a shop near the Islington Farmers’ Market in London. This place caught my attention not only because it is full of quirky vintage treasures but also because the boundaries between the house and the shop are not clear. The owner,  Tania Rowling, an artist, decided to open Possessed N.1 a few years ago with her sister Cindy, attracted by the idea of having a space where the objects and clothes collected in a lifetime could be displayed and put on sale. The idea itself is not original but what it is truly fascinating is the fact that the kitchen is downstairs and is part of the shop. As she says : “Having worked in restaurants for years I have a big network of chefs and catering friends to draw on, Moro taught me to arrange and organize private functions and Sam & Sam Clark and other chefs from Moro are going to come and cook here, so that’s really exciting” (read the entire interview here). What Tania Rowling proposes is a total mix of experiences: in the same space you can shop, socialize, listen to music, spying on her life, be inspired by the past, try on clothes or accessories, cook, eat and drink surrounded by fascinating objects. 
(Photos courtesy of Colourliving).