Valérie Mazerat’s boathouse

in Interiors
I have to admit that the idea of living on a boat on the Seine, the river that crosses Paris, is quintessentially Bohemian and therefore quite fascinating. Because I am a practical person who would rather receive a garage as a present than a boring and populist diamond, I wonder what it is really like living on a house boat in the middle of a city. First of all, I hope that the Seine is not as smelly as the Tiber in Rome but since the French are so bloody chic, it probably smells of roses. Secondly, I would be curious to know if you can take the boat for a ride or if it is actually too complicated moving such a big thing: if you can’t then I think that half of the charm, the impression of not setting down roots, would be gone. I wonder, finally, if it is cheaper than buying or renting a property made of bricks in the heart of the city.
Waiting for some answers, I have to say that Valérie Mazerat‘s houseboat, the French designer, is absolutely irresistible. It has got some of my favourites things at the moment: a warm and sosphisticated colour palette (grey, light blue, rusty orange), some cool industrial looking lights (the Lamp Gras being my favourite), some objects with a past and an overall understated elegance that you can only achieve through essentiality.
Photos by Richard Powers from the book “New Paris Style” published by Thames & Hudson.