Work table lights

in Furniture, Ispiration
Work lights have been trendy for quite a while and they are part of the industrial aestetics that have overtaken the world in the last few months. Our taste in decoration has definitely changed in the last 10 years, mainly because we don’t want a house decorated based on one style but it is considered normal and cool to mix periods and looks. Industrial work lights were invented in the thirties with the precise aim to improve visibility at work. The table and floor versions above all, with two or more adjustable arms, revolutionized the job of,  dentists and architects for instance, allowing them to point the light exactly where needed. Now industrial work lights allow us to insert a urban and versatile element into our spaces. 
Above, I have selected a few table work lights. The first one from the top is Arod from Ikea. I have put two – one table and one floor light- in a flat I renovated before Christmas and I built them myself. They are quite solid and heavy but only come in grey (which is actually the best ‘go with everything’ colour). Ikea‘s Arod is definitely a good option. The second from the top is Original 1227 by Anglopoise  in red and it is a bit more intricate, it is more feminine. This model is available in three colours but the Type Mini is available in a lot of cool colours. Anglopoise is also famous for its giant version of this light, another massive trend. The third one more sleek, I would say more adult, it is Mike Desk Light from John Lewis, cheap but obviously not the best quality. The dark red light on bottom left is the SI833 by Jielde. Jielde has been around since 1950 and proposes various models available in many colours. In most shops, there is a 3/4 week wait to get a Jielde light not already in stock; there are a few vintage ones on sale on-line but they are expensive. Last but not least, the elegant N°205 by Lamp Gras, here in white and chrome (last line on the right), beautifully refined and ever lasting but not easy to find in shops (in Italy is available from Ilaria Miani where I worked in the last years). 
Which one do you like best? Leave a comment!