An art deco house near Goa

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+deco_Nishu_ Karimjee_house

Nishu Karimjee is a jeweller designer who was born in India, brought up in Tanzania, England, Switzerland and Spain and finally settled for 20 years in Paris where she developed her business. After all this travelling, she has decided to go back to her roots and bring back to life this amazing old 100 year Art Deco house in a village near Goa. Nishu Karimjee well explains that the house has a colonial feel that “brings together India, Africa and France. It is a mixture of everywhere I have come from”. Even if the house is full of trendy objects largely seen around (venetian mirrors, early 1900’s sculpture, vintage office furniture), she managed to assemble everything together with an exquisite taste and to maintain the decadent charm that belongs to the house. 
I can see myself in Mrs Karimjee words “I buy things because I like them . I might not know where they are going to go, but they always seem to fit in somewhere” (that is why I need a bigger house as said in a previous post).
Photos  by Anna Kern and styling by Eva Lindh/House Pictures for Elle Decoration June 2013.