Alfred Kornfeld’s half gallery, half private house

in Interiors
The house of the gallerist Alfred Kornfeld is an exquisite example of how to inject colour into a period building. This space in Fasanenstrasse, in the heart of the former West Berlin, is a hybrid: half art gallery, half private house, it’s the place where the owner invites, entertains, discusses art with collectors, friends, art enthusiasts and artists. I love the mint green of the room in the top right picture (really similar to my bedroom) and the splash of orange in the bottom right image. When you have so many pieces of art in your house, you need proper selective lighting, difficult to achieve with just floor lights. Alfred Kornfeld bravely used ceiling spot lights, showing that sometimes it is better underlining a decorative solution instead of hiding it. In one of the living rooms (bottom left), the two spot lights recall the black of the paintings and furniture, connecting the period ceiling to the modernist interior.
(Photos by Helenio Barbetta for Elle Decor)
by Leonardo Silaghi (at Galerie Kornfeld)