6 creative Christmas trees for small spaces

in DIY
As you probably know by now (check this post for my optimistic next house’s requirements), the house I am living in at the moment is almost 80 square metres so I am always interested in decorative solutions for small spaces. I am not into Christmas decorations very much because I grew up in a city with mild climate that inspires you to collect shells more than hang snowflakes all over the house. However, considering I am married to an Englishman who grew up surrounded by all this Christmas stuff and I have a toddler now, it looks like I will have to make a Christmas tree this year. I don’t do fake plants, I much prefer to have an alternative Christmas tree like one of the ones pictured above. They also don’t take up much space and they are difficult to knock over by my 2 year old son who is incapable of standing still. I think I will go with the Ikea Liamaria‘s fabric and pin it on different fluo decorations.
Top row from left:
– A Christmas tree made of dozens of different little objects hung on the wall,an idea from All the luck in the world
– Wire tree from Living Etc December 2009
– A reclaimed wood tree from Paradigm Interior Design
Bottom row from left:
– A tree made of a wool garland, idea from the shop Down the Wood
– Post-it tree from Homes & Gardens December 2013
Ikea Liamaria fabric