Scott Campbell’s studio: thoughts about art and tattoos

in Interiors, People
I don’t have a tattoo and I have never really wanted one. I have flirted with the idea a few times but I have always been conscious of the fact that my taste evolves continuously and I have never found any drawings or symbols or words that I wanted tattooed on my skin. So many people are having their tattoos removed with laser treatment and many people have  cliched tattoos, to be honest I sigh with relief now. In my opinion the bar, after too many Celtic bands and stars, has risen considerably in this field more recently and people have granted tattooists more space, alias more skin. Some work by some of tattooists could be and actually is hung in galleries. One of them is Scott Campbell; if I ever change my mind about having a tattoo I will definitely invest in his ability. Scott Campbell is an artist that tattoos. His studio is the perfect reflection of his world.