The Mud Hut Company: with love and concentration

in Ispiration, People
I can imagine Jane Sheppard in her workshop surrounded by clay, a kiln, intricate stamps and templates. I can see her hands, adorned with beautiful rings and bracelets, brushing timeless tiles. Jane Sheppard founded the Mud Hut Company because she wanted to go back to making things having worked as a lecturer. She collected different designs from all over the world and started to make tiles and other objects. First of all, the clay is hand rolled into linen, then the pattern is stamped on the clay; when the clay is dry, she sands it and fires it. She only uses the necessary tools, she keeps it simple in order to achieve a result full of meaning. 
It inspires me to do one thing at time and to do it well, with love and concentration. 

Photos by Alun Callender for H&G.