Antique furniture and the lateral thinking

in Furniture, Interiors
Vintage is super trendy nowadays. Wherever you go, you can see places filled with 1950’s, 1960’s pieces of furniture, so much that all this vintage look (often combined with the industrial look) is starting to bore me to death. I like the idea of recycling though, the concept of finding a new use for things and I generally love old objects. I have always furnished my houses with quirky old pieces, even when it wasn’t so popular. 
Antique furniture has not had the same fortune of vintage pieces. The size of most of it and the fact that they often are too decorated, too polished or too heavy-looking, make them difficult to be repositioned. In fact there is not much of a market anymore for average  quality antique pieces from, for instance, the eighteen century and in the last twenty years they have lost their value. The request for them has dropped. We often have small houses and too many things to store, we can’t really afford to keep a massive 60 cm deep glass cabinet or a consolle that gets scratched only by looking at it. It is a shame: they are beautiful pieces and we might inherit some. If we want to find a new purpose and a new collocation for them,we have to use the lateral thinking and fit them in places where they wouldn’t have  gone before .