Original ideas and a medieval feeling

in Interiors, Ispiration
A few days ago I was wondering what is truly original nowadays (see here) and I thought about this house designed by Sanne Oomen of Studio Denieuwengeneratie and for her partner Lucas Mol and herself. This 700 sq metre building, located only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam, is a peculiar display of creative ideas and quality materials. It is quite bare and dark, it almost looks  a bit medieval (I am not sure I would live there, I find it a bit unsettling) but it is an interesting, well thought out place. 
A fine attention to detail is highlighted by the unusual use of daily objects to create a space where every corner and piece furniture attracts attention. African sculptures live together with a car hung as a bookcase, a radiator becomes table leg, some plumbing joints form a tap in a bath with Marrocan concrete tiles,  skateboards are transformed into steps just next to a big chunky black fireplace and an electric blue modern sofa, an antique stone niche hosts a modern image. Despite the oddity, nothing is casual, everything seems to be there for a purpose.
Photos by Robert Holden.