All you need in less than 40 sq metres

in Interiors

Hello everyone! Finally I have managed to find a bit of time to blog! I am really busy at the moment which is good but being a working mum is a big effort! As you probably know by now, I have been thinking about moving house for a while, for different reasons but mainly because our needs have changed in the last two years and I crave more space. What 3 years ago seemed to be enough, it isn’t anymore, I could do with more running space for my toddler, more space for guests and a office for me and my other half. 

Having said that, I was flicking through the Italian magazine Casa Facile a few days ago and I saw this incredible tiny flat in Paris restored by a studio called Metek. I was completely blown away by how these architects used this space of just 39 sq metres. This is the future, I thought. Versatile parallelepipeds with different functions and furniture that allow you to use every centimeter brilliantly . I went to see the Metek website and I was very impressed by the other work as well, totally inspiring.
It doesn’t mean though that I will be organizing my flat better, I’ll be focusing my energy on getting something with more space to play with!