Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

in Color Inspiration, Interiors
 With colours it is all a question of light. This is Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball, a shade I have recently used and I really like because it is rich but not too strong, it a sea blue with a hint of grey. Colours absorb light: look how different the same paint appears to be in all these photos, in different naturally or artificially lit rooms. Take these issues into consideration when you choose your next colour palette, the shade you pick could look much darker than expected or change according to the time of the day or the weather or the artificial lighting. It is always advisable painting a large patch of the chosen colour on the wall and observe it for a day. Don’t be afraid to experiment though: the beauty and the fun of paint is that it is easily changeable. 
Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball looks really good in contrast with white.