Concrete tiles

in Interiors, Ispiration
 Concrete tiles are very trendy now and often used in kitchens and bathrooms. We bought some in 2011 from Mosaic der Sur and installed them between the oak counter top and the wall units of our Ikea kitchen; every single person who walks into our apartment makes a positive comment about them.  
Concrete tiles add some colour, a pattern and an exotic touch to an interior without the glossiness and coldness often associated with ceramic tiles. Concrete tiles are also easy to maintain and don’t show dirt up as much. If you decide to buy some, make yourself sure that the person who is going to lay them is familiar with this product; they are in fact much thicker than normal tiles and more difficult to cut. Also if you purchase some concrete tiles online, keep in mind that the colours displayed are only indicative and that they are probably going to be much darker. 
In a simple and elegant space like the one above, dominated by white and wood (photos by Fabienne Delafraye and Yoann Cimier from Cote Sud April/May 2014), they look good all around the house.