About Korzer-Robinson’s fantastic world (and my life as well).

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It is very humid, I am knackered but I don’t feel like sleeping. My brain is wide awake, always craving more. This tropical July in Rome has been productive and even if sometimes I struggled to do everything well, I can say that I am satisfied and happy about my life at the moment.  
It is weird, I didn’t use to be so determined. It is something I learned late in life; for years I was lucky enough to manage to succeed in the most important things without  too much diligence. At some point I understood that if I really wanted to achieve more, to build the life I wanted for myself and my family, I needed to be more focused and brave. I worked on my weaknesses, concentrated on what I wanted without caring about other people’s opinion, I organized better my time and started listening to advices. And things have started to change.
My life at the moment is full of beautiful images like Alexander Korzer-Robinson‘s books. This German artist, based in Bristol, takes old Victorian volumes and uses them like  boxes that host 3D worlds made of hand-cut figures hand-cut from the book itself. Following the same technique, he makes hand-cut prints available in the online shop Rokoro
Are they not faboulous?
Thank you to the very nice Tina, author of the blog Colour Living who allowed me to discover such a treasure.