30 square metres in Greece

in Interiors
We have no more certainties in life. In Italy it has been raining for most of the month and in United Kingdom it looks like it has been sunny for most of the month. Confusing.
Italy’s climate has definitely became more tropical in the last few years and the frequent summer showers resemble monsoons. 
I don’t mind a bit of rain because I am still at work and to be honest I rather deal with some water than with 28 degree heat like we had during the nights last year. Call me crazy. 
Today I wanted to propose another clever solution for small places (see also my post about a 39 sq metre flats in Paris by Metek Studio) because this is the road of the future in my opinion. 
Two Danish architects, Jens Arnfred and Dorte Manfrud, renovated this former 30 square metre former garage on the island of Lesbo, with the idea of using it as a holiday and work retreat. In order to maximize the space, they created a vertical volume that incorporates the bed on one side, the kitchen on the other, another bed on top, a small bathroom inside and many convenient hidden cabinets. In this way, using the space vertically, they managed to keep the house tidy and well organized, and the front part of it free from furniture. 
Nowadays the real luxury is time and space, that is why I believe that multifunctional volumes are the new frontier of furnishing. 

Photos by Wichmann + Bendtsen as seen in “Home n.7/14”