About Gan rugs, Patricia Urquiola and very productive people

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Some people are an endless source of good ideas, proof of the fact that the more you surround and immerse yourself in creativity the more stimulated your brain is. I recently came across some articles and documentaries about people who excel or have excelled in more than one field, Lenny Kravitz for instance or the fabulous Heidy Lamarr, a famous and avant-garde actress in the Forties and the inventor of the frequency-hopping spread-sprectrum, a technology that served as a basis for bluetooth and wi-fi connections. 
P.S: It is true as well that when you achieve success you have the funds to experiment and produce what you have in mind. From a certain point of view, it is easier to be creative when you have money to invest and the attention on you already.
Patricia Urquiola is one of these cases, look at these incredible Bandas rugs she designed for the Spanish brand Gan. You can buy the single Bandas and compose your rug or get the Rugs Natural, Rugs Orange, Rugs Turquoise, compositions of the single elements proposed by Gan (pictured above). 
It is not easy to find interesting rugs. I find most of the modern ones boring and I love antique rugs -kilim, tribal, chinese or persians- rugs with a poetic design and rich colours. 
Yesterday I went for a walk around Moacasa with Giulio and my friend Mire. I was hoping that over the last few years this Roman home design fair had got better but it was actually really disappointing (apart from a stall where Mire took me, selling beautiful cacti at really low prices). Moacasa can be good for people who haven’t got a clue where to start when refurbishing or redecorating their houses because many of the local producers are there, equipped with a lot of patience. From an innovative point of you, it is a waste of time unfortunately.