19 Greek Street : we love colours

in Color Inspiration, Interiors
 Hello! Sorry I disappeared for a few days but I have been really busy, you know like when you barely have time to shower (but I did, don’t worry). Everything seems to be back to normal now and I am glad I have the time to post some photos (by Stephan Julliard/Tripod Agency) of this mini apartment in 19 Greek Street in London. The owner, Marc Perridis, a designer and a creative director, lives here, just a few steps from his gallery 19 Greek Street, a design hub where he displays original and unique craft.
The flat, only 45 sq metres, is a display of colours and some of the most beloved pieces from his gallery. Inspired by the colours of the area where the apartment is, Covent Garden, Marc Peridis managed to create a space that effuses calmness, despite the very brave use of strong shades.
The secret is to keep the background neutral -white walls, simple lines, wood- and then concentrate on a few statement colorful pieces. Don’t be shy, colours match with each others much more than what most people think.
I love the writing on the wall in the kitchen, I couldn’t agree more. 
Design by Matias Liimatainen
Design by Hilla Shamia