Urban Jungle Bloggers: Cosy and green bedroom

in Ispiration
Here we are, my second post for Urban Jungle Bloggers! This month theme was “Cosy and green bedroom” and I am really pleased because it gives me the chance to show you the bedroom furniture in briar-root that I inherited from my grandmother. I did this room in 2011 and it is still a lovely space to rest and wind down. We are really lucky because the sun hits the bed in the morning, making the stolen minutes in bed in the morning a royal treat. I wanted to give it a colonial mood (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the African inspired painting on the other wall)  and I think I managed, mixing, like I always do, different styles. A few indications just in case you are curious. The little wooden face framed above the brown leather 1960’s chair is from Sri Lanka, the map and the Art Deco light are  antique, the poster is from a Guggenheim exhibition, the pink pots are painted by me, the two big photo frames are custom made and the little one is antique, the sheets are from Zara Home, the stripey cushion on the bed is from Ikea (used backwards) and my sister bought the blue cushion in Vietnam when we went in 1995 (one of the best journeys of my life with an ideal companion).
In next post I will give you some ideas for Christmas presents so keep tuned!