Christmas present post

in Furniture, Ispiration
Alexander treats me like a sort of Mr Scrooge because I hate waste and in my opinion Christmas is the celebration of waste (he is going to complain about this post, I know it). I just don’t like buying useless things or useless presents. I don’t think we need kilos of chocolate and sweeties but only a few good quality ones, I believe we don’t need to buy presents for people we barely know, I am convinced that when in doubt it is better buying something useful than something that it is going to end up in the rubbish bin and if people consider it weird to give a shower mat as a gift, it is their problem not mine. So yes, I am a little bit Mrs Scrooge but I am proud of it. 
Speaking of what, I have put together a few original ideas  for Christmas, some beautiful presents for people who like useful things!  The prices are in euros but they are all pieces that you can buy in most parts of the world. 
Check out last year Christmas post for more ideas.
  •  Pure Linen Scented Candle by Zara Home, 17,99 euros. It is pretty and it smells lovely.  I also really like the Ginger Bread one, very Christmassy.  
  • Karlos Missoni Home throw (around 370 dollars).  To keep you warm for the next few years.
  • A vintage bottle cooler from Etsy , this one is from FrenchBargains (24,52 euros). It is a very useful object and not many people have one.
  •  A food tour  or a cooking class. The photo below is one of the food tours in Naples organized by Eat In Italy Food Tours (75 euros, 60 euros under 12 of age). Giving as a present an experience instead of an object is the new chic.
  • Snoopy table lamp by Flos, around 749 euros. A classic that will find a place in any house.