Intelligent kids furniture

in Furniture, Interiors, Ispiration

I was looking for a bunk bed for Giulio’s room and I came across this great collection of furniture by Rafa Kids.  This Dutch company was founded by a married couple after the interest created by a bed they designed for their first son. It includes solid and space-saving bunk-beds, desks, stools, slides -all without sharp corners-, rags and vary accessories: simple designs with three main colour themes (dark-brown, natural and white-wash) that are appropriate for different ages. 

I have recently developed an interest in a city I actually don’t know much about, Amsterdam. Two friends of ours moved there a few years ago and they are really satisfied and happy despite the harsh climate for Italians at least! The city is not too big and it is very well organized and the Dutch are friendly and easy-going. Moreover, properties are much cheaper than in Rome. Maybe in 2016?
What do you think, do you like Amsterdam?