The perfect mountain retreat

in Interiors
Who wouldn’t live a few months a year here, lets be honest? It is not surprise that the sculptor Othmar Prenner, after having renovated this ruin with the intention of spending here his holidays, decided to move in permanently. With the help of his brother, his father and his uncle -all fine wood experts, artisans and lovers- he managed to fulfill the “Dream of the house in the house”, as it is written in the facade above a window that reflects the valley,Val Venosta in the Adige (north Italy). The use of wood throughout the house is incredible, the space is timeless, warm, contemporary and traditional at the same time, practical to live in and with a breathtaking visual relationship with the surroundings. 
So who would like to cuddle up in this house when cold?
Photos by Christian Schaulin, scanned from Elle Decor Italia (January 2015).