Keep it simple -black & white

in Color Inspiration, Interiors
Most of the people my age in Italy earn less than most of their colleagues in Europe. More and more people in Italy ask me to do their houses or commercial spaces on a limited budget. I find these  projects very challenging but also difficult of course less money often mean less quality, clients must be aware of this. This is the same everywhere. Of course this doesn’t mean, that with a clever approach and a clear idea of what to do you can’t achieve  a good compromise between beauty, practicality and quality.
The flat above, pictured in the blog Nordic Days, is a good example of how to keep it pleasant and pretty without spending a fortune. Some of the pieces of furniture in this space come from Ikea (the rug, the bench, the bookshelves, the stool, the black and white desk, maybe also the sofa) mixed with a few high street pieces like the Kartell Componibile or the Lisa Bengtsson‘s dogs, the Puppy by Magis, some plants  and a hint of pink.
Speaking about rugs again (see my previous post), the black and white rug on the top image is the Stockholm, a best seller from Ikea, seen last year in many houses in various magazines. Black and white always work for me, it is elegant, you can have white walls without being boring and it allows you to add touches of a third colour inserting some accessories that you can change on a whim.