Studio Boot founders vintage house

in Interiors
Happy Monday everyone! I want to start this week with Edwin Vollebergh and Petra Jansenn‘s beautiful house in Netherlands and its charming touches of light blue (actually quite similar to the colour of my bedroom) and yellow, as seen in the January issue of Casa Facile (photos by Jean-Marc Wullschleger/Living Agency). The couple founded and run the well known Studio Boot. The house, originally a car showroom, is flooded with natural light and filled with vintage pieces (the owners have been accumulating stuff for 25 years!). The kitchen is particularly interesting with a wall that divides this space from the photography studio formed by reclaimed windows. 
I was thinking this morning that the trend for vintage furniture will last for a long time; not just because it is nice to be surrounded by objects with character and a history but furnishing a house or a shop with vintage pieces is easier. Can you imagine, for instance, having to buy quality new furniture for a big space like this ?!