Balance of colours and style: Studio MOC in Paris

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I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Weeks fly by right in front of my eyes and sometimes I find myself unsettled by the thought of what I should have done or not done more of or differently. Sometimes I concentrate too much on the past and on the future and I don’t live in the present.
This is a common mistake that creates anxiety. We are so busy thinking about what we want that we forget to enjoy what we have. And we have a lot, we are part of that tiny slice of population that can afford to dwell on nonexistent problems.  
In this house the colour tangerine red is the common denominator that warms up a white shell with strong black industrial accents. The designer Karine Simonot and Stéphanie Maigret of Studio MOC solved the problem of a lack of light in the flat with some custom made iron mounted glass walls. They also painted the windows black and they added some dark grey so that the glass walls wouldn’t stick out. Rounded chairs or sofas and vintage looking pieces like the bath with feet and the fifties furniture soften the overall general masculine look.
Some interest is added to parts with the insertion of the colour blue. What I like about this place is the perfect balance between the different elements, between colours or, better, the quantity of colours and the styles. It is an example of discreet and masculine elegance.
Photos by Christofer Theurer