Paulina Arcklin’s white home

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Today at yoga (ashtanga) I saw a friend of mine I haven’t met for years. Every time I meet her or her husband -a very good friend of mine as well- I think about how change is good in life. A few years ago, in fact, they left their secure jobs in Rome to move to Amsterdam and they successfully change their lives. I remember the many nights drinking wine and chatting about living abroad and the desire of trying new paths.
In order to make a success of any big changes you need to be honest with yourself and focused. Being focused means concentrating on the things you are doing but also concentrating  on only a few things.
The friend I saw today is really good at that. She fell in love with Ashtanga yoga and now her life seems to rotate around this passion, she practices everyday, she teaches it, she goes to workshops and seminars, she has become vegetarian.
I am not like that and I wish I was a bit more. I love practicing but I love partying as well! I love going away with Giulio but I love being by myself as well. I am driven but I waste far too much time chatting with people. I am a bit of a hippy and a bit posh. I eat well but I love too much wine. Of course I am always going to be  a very frustrated versatile person.
The secret is trying to be less dispersive, keep an array of interests but prioritize well. I still need to work a bit on that. What about you?
Paulina Arcklin, when renovating her Amsterdam home, did exactly that. She sold all the things that weren’t fitting her vision. She picked only one colour and one style to use throughout  the flat to make it look bigger and more serene. Amazing. 
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