How to be stylish but messy

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Since I had Giulio, it feels like I spend most of my life cooking and tidying up. Ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it  feels like it sometimes. This state of mind and the amazing house of the life-stylist Sergio Colantuoni in Milan, pictured above,  provided me fuel for these reflections : 
1) untidy small apartments look smaller
2) clean  and well-organized apartments look better
but also
a) full of objects doesn’t necessarily mean untidy. An attractive creative mess is possible but difficult to achieve. First of all you need to have many beautiful quirky objects to leave around and the things you surround yourself with need to have some style more or less.
I give you an example: an ordinary kitchen worktop full of dirty ugly plastic containers  and horrible dishes look overwhelmingly untidy;  but a beautiful kitchen plan piled up with, for instance, cool dishes and pretty glasses looks untidy but good. 
So if you are not sure that you will be able to create a stylish mess, bite the bullet and tidy up.
b) luminous houses with high ceilings and interesting features are better suited for the mess because your attention is captured first of all by the space and the ‘macro’ details (patterns, doors, materials, windows, big pieces of furniture), secondary by the ‘micro’ details. In a few words at first glance you won’t pay attention to the mess so you won’t have a claustrophobic feeling. 
For instance, it is indisputable that Sergio Colantuoni‘s bookshelves in the first photo are a bit untidy. At a closer look you can see the wires, piles of stuff lying there, magazines stacked on top of each other randomly. The attention though is caught by the amazing wallpaper first in the background, by the lovely window, by the rug (from Ikea see my post
for other pictures). 
The message (and the hope) I want to give you today is that untidiness can be creative
Sergio Colantuoni is my new hero: I want to stop tidying up but above all I want a house that allows me to have a stylish mess