Cindy Sherman’s country house

in Interiors, People
What can I say, this is a dream house with a beautiful story behind it. Cindy Sherman, the American photographer and film director, asked Billy Cotton, a young un-known interior designer, to redecorate her house in  East Hampton after she saw what he had done with a friend’s house on a low budget. And she let him do it without interfering much. The house is stunning and stunningly decorated. The mix and match of colours, textiles, elements is quirky but not over the top, it is well-balanced and original, it makes the space cosy and very country-stylish but with a touch of the exotic. 
When you decorate houses for living and you are at the beginning of your career, it is pretty unusual to have the chance to fully express yourself because each project is the result of endless compromises made with the client. It is fair enough, the client has to live in the house at the end of the day but it also frustrating because you can never really show what you are capable of. 
This guy had an amazing chance given to him by an artistically generous person who is so confident in herself and her creativity to be able to step aside and let him work his magic. 
If you, like me,  haven’t met your Cindy Sherman in life, the only way is to make your own house your business card. This is a sometimes difficult because a young interior designer doesn’t necessarily have the means or the house suitable to achieve such a wow factor but with a bit patience you can do it.