Vegan House in How Chi Minh

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A few years ago, I spent a month traveling around Vietman. Since then, I visited many other places but that trip is the one I treasure the most. Twenty years ago Vietnam wasn’t a well-trodden destination; we traveled from South to North by local transports (most of which pretty unsafe I suppose) and we saw many heartbreaking places, we met many generous smiley calm people despite the poverty and overall we had an unforgivable life-changing experience. 
Since then every time I see, read or hear something regarding Vietnam I feel a warm sensation inside. I would love to take Alex and Giulio there some day hoping that a broader tourism haven’t spoiled the magic there.
When I saw this quirky Vegan House in How Chi Minh, I was fascinated straight away, and not only because it is in Vietnam
When the owner of this three floors house decided to restore this building to offer people a place where cook and taste the best Vietnamese dishes, he had already a collection of old shutters and furniture. Block Architects, in charge of the project, put all these ingredients together to create a place  perfect for socializing.
The old shutters inject some colour in the space and it is a sort of texture contrasting with the clean interiors.
It makes me wanting to go back even more!
 Photos by Qunag Tran for Elle Decoration.