Parisian green touches

in Color Inspiration, Interiors


I woke up this morning with a terrible cold and a temperature. Thankfully Alex managed to take Giulio to school so I spent the morning in bed, dreaming about punk (I am really into it these days, I read and watch anything about the first years of punk in England) and now I feel better.
I really wanted to publish Elke Danet‘s house that is, according to Alexis De Dives who wrote the article for Elle Decoration France (September 2015), very Parisian, very green (but I like best the french adjective ‘vegetal’) and very personal.
The old wooden floor is beautiful, with a floor like that you don’t need to worry about being boring with decorating the rest.
The touches of green are well disposed. I am not a big fun of this shade of green but the fact that it is proposed in velvet makes it more lush.
I like having small tables in the living room, bistro-style, that can be used and rearranged in many different ways. I like the copper cabinets at the bottom of the bookshelves that reflect the light; I like the wooden cow, pig and  duck by Seletti  that adds interest to an awkward place to furnish recalling at the same time the tone of the wooden floor.