Being relaxed is back in fashion: Erin’s house

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I love this period; finally being relaxed is back in fashion
You can wear what you like, recycle things, not have a polished house. It is really me (you could say I am quite vintage). 
You look at famous people’s houses and you think, that could be my place (okay yes, apart from the location maybe). 
Sleek everything-matching places are not trendy anymore, in order to be cool a place needs to be displaying pieces with a history and a worn out look. 
Erin Wasson‘s New York apartment is a perfect example of what I am speaking about. 
First of all she didn’t do the house up. The electric system is old, the wooden floor is scratched. 
Second, the house is casually decorated. One of the most famous (and better paid) models nowadays uses a foulard to cover the floor light next to the bed. 
How liberating!
Almost everything is allowed because it is all about making an effort to show your personality not to conform to a standard of sleekness.
Finally you can free the decorator inside you!
P.S: Erin is stunning, she is out of this world. Photos by the very talented Todd Selby