Try and think bravely, the rest will come

in Interiors, Ispiration

I am going to be very quick tonight because one of my New Year resolution is in the evenings to not go from the computer to bed straight away. I should try to not go to bed with my head full of ideas. Stimuli, images and generic frustration for all the things I haven’t managed to do.

It was actually one of my resolutions last year to be honest!

I have time though (in Rome it is ‘only’ 10 pm) to publish  the cute images of Hotel Henriette in Paris and to reflect with you on how a room can be changed with wise use of colors or patterns. Most of the 32 bedrooms of this unique and affordable hotel are decorated differently, with flowery vintage looking wallpapers, blue shapes, yellow bands and mirrors or simply dividing the space with two pastel shades. This is how the Hotel Henriette transforms the tourist’s stay into a personal experience. 
Do you remember how hotels looked only 10 years ago? The infinite reproductions of the same formula.
This is for me an example of what you can achieve if you try and if you are a bit bold. 
For me this is the best wish I can make for myself and for you. To try and to be a bit braver. 





Images from Herve Goluza for Glamour France and from website