About a modern bicycle and a modern wallpaper

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Most days I cycle for one hour. 
I have been using the bicycle for the last 4 or 5 years but never this much. 
I have used it to go to suppliers, to clients and to run errands, mixing it up with the subway,  car or my feet according to convenience. 
I have no choice now, I need to to cycle to work if I want to try to squeeze everything in (and I am still not managing). With any other form of transport, it would take me 60 minutes more a day, a frame of time very precious if well used.
Going from cycling sporadically to cycling 1 hour a day has been a bit of a shock. 
At the end of the week I am knackered. I had to change my way of dressing (I cycle on the river bank). When I arrive at work, I look like I’ve just stepped out of the gym
I have
therefore decided to try a more efficient bicycle, you know, a modern one with gears and dampers
My gorgeous dear 30 year old red bicycle apparently is not adequate anymore.
My friend – a passionate cyclist who thinks that 6 gears are for grandparents when I have always thought that 3 gears were the maximum- brought me a newish bicycle she doesn’t use anymore to try. It is the end of an era, sob.
To console myself, I’d better speak about the new wallpaper Front from Eco Wallpaper.
After months of dark colors, white is back but in new forms. 
Front collection proposes sketches  of shapes, weaves and leaves that look like the real thing. 
+deco_eco_wallpaper_front_collection_1 +deco_eco_wallpaper_front_collection_2 +deco_eco_wallpaper_front_collection_3 +deco_eco_wallpaper_front_collection_5