Cleo B’s pastels

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 This house caught my attention because it is different. 
It still represents the influence of the current taste in decoration (industrial looking kitchen, baroque bed, pendant lights on the bedside tables, vintage posters etc) but the use of colors makes it different. It proves that it is possible to decorate a warehouse not following the industrial style but giving the space a feminine touch. Perhaps, in this case, more than a touch, it is  feminine shake.
This jubilation of pastels and ombrè walls would probably look too much in a traditional house; the contrast with the brick walls, the height of the ceilings (too high or quite low),the loft-like windows and the profusion of bright shades, luscious fabrics like velvet and frivolous textiles make it interesting. 
The owner is Cleo Barbour, founder of the shoe brand Cleo B: have a look at her shoes and you will understand where all this came from. 
Alexander Owen Architecture followed the project (something tells me it was a real challenge for them) doing a good job of inserting pieces of furniture that connects the two souls of this place together such as the kitchen and bench in pastel colors but has a pipe based structure.
The shaded wallpaper in the living room and in the bedroom is Designers Guild. In the living room, the wallpaper was mirrored so that the blue would fade into white and then into blue again and it was painted white in the middle. 
The house : photography by Paul Massey for Living Etc. 
The shoes : image from Cleo B. website.