Loopholes and an apology

in Furniture
Hello, I’ve played around with the my blog’s HTML and accidentally  deleted the comment function (I was trying to delete the comments link under the post and just leave the little comments cloud next to the post title). 
 Giulio and Alex have been sicked in the meanwhile and I was too busy coughing to find the concentration to solve the problem. I apologize to those who haven’t been able to leave any comments recently or to those who’ve left a comment in the past (a special mention to my  number one fan, the fabulous Piero).  I managed to restore the comment icon next to the post title in the latest posts (the last three) but there is still some work to do. I will put my mind to it this weekend.
I’ll take the chance to say –many ask methat everything you see in this blog from the layout or graphic point of view, I made it. I even drew the background. 
Speaking about organizing, I wanted to show you some pretty modular nets you can hang things on, called Loopholes and made by Atelier Belge
It is basically the industrial evolution of what I made for a client a few years ago with some building net