Asian antiques

in Furniture, Interiors
 Asian antiques are back in fashion. 
After too many years of vintage, the desire to see new things is pressing and because in 2016 inventing something new is difficult, we turn our heads to the past (again).
This house is a perfect example of how to insert beautiful wooden Indian or Indonesian pieces without embracing the ethnic look (because objects/clothes/styles come back into fashion, not the same looks)
The trick is to go for a neutral palette (grey, white, ecru’), adding elements from a different style like the 1930’s inspired industrial chairs in the kitchen and some details like a contemporary colour like black
In this way, you create a clean, minimalist stage where beautiful carved wooden pieces play the main role, enhanced and counterposed by pieces from other periods in black and white. 
Haveli House is in Byron Bay in Australia and it is available for rent on Airbnb

Photos by Louise Roche (from Planet Deco).