An enchanting place in Tuscany

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Today I would like to show you an gorgeous place in TuscanyRombolino by Ilaria Miani, who I worked with for a few years.

It is a good way to start +deco new cycle of life because we are all the result of what we have done and the past, memorable or regrettable, is part of our future.

The house is in Val d’Orcia, a region in the South of Tuscany that has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2004.  When Ilaria and his husband Giorgio bought it, it was in a very bad state.  They restaured it completely paying great attention to preserve the original features and complying with the local architectural requirements; it is now available for rent.

Ilaria’s style is the expression of her refined taste and education and her interiors are very elegant and never ordinary.

Most of the iron pieces (the kitchen cabinets, the book cases in the studio, the hooks in one of the upstairs bedrooms, the wooden logs holder for instance) are custom made, like some of the wooden furniture (see the bed with the incorporated closet and the wardrobe in the photos below).

The floors are made of a grit colored paste, an old complex technique commonly used in Tuscany.

Ilaria has always had a talent with colors and it is evident in this project as well. The shade of deep red used for the floor and the walls in the living space unify the rooms, accompanying the eye through the sitting rooms, the dining, the kitchen and the studio. The hues in the bedrooms are earthy, inspired by the breath-taking countryside which view you can enjoy from every window.

I worked at the project so you can believe me when I say that over all, Rombolino is the perfect holiday oasis on top of a hill overlooking the crete senesi, designed to please the eyes and relax the mind.