Blue and green inspiration

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First of all, thank you for all the positive comments about the new website, it was overwhelming and I really appreciate it, I designed it with you in mind.

Together with a renovated awareness and attention towards natural resources and ecological issues, there is a new aesthetic and desidere to incorporate plants in our interiors.

In the last seasons, we have seen tropical wallpapers and textiles everywhere and plants have slowly acquired a prominent place in our houses.

I have always thought that plants are the best way to add colour in spaces: we would never be able to replicate the vibrancy of their color.

Another way to make your house more ‘natural’ is borrowing its predominant colors, green and blue, the colors of the sky and the vegetation.

It is a calming and stylish combination and the possibilities are broad because the shades of green and blue are infinite.

For instance, I have just dyed the curtains of my bedroom turquoise and they look fabulous with the african paintings, the plant and the light blue walls.

You can add some details in these colors like I did or opt for the total look line in some of the photos below.

Dark green is the new black (do you remember, some months ago we were swearing for black walls: see this post) but it is better to juice it up with some pieces of a brighter green or blue like in the image with the bed (third from top).

Blue and green work well with yellow or pink accents as well, but this could be the subject of another post!


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