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Today is a bank holiday in Italy and a lot of people took yesterday off in order to have 4 days off, a mini break (Italians call the working day or days between the weekend and the bank holiday ponte which means ‘bridge’; bank holidays in Italy are the same date every year so every year it is on a different day of the week).

It was in some way the last tribute to summer, with warm temperatures and a dazzling blue sky.

In this period of the year I generally wear a jumper and a big scarf or shawl; I have a collection of them but my favourite are the tartans and the handmade ones I have bought around the world. I never travel without a shawl or big scarf in my bag, they offer extra warmth if necessary, they save you from the air conditioning in airports or they allow you to leave the jacket in the hotel if it is warmish.

I love the texture and the colours of Asian and African textiles. If you do as well, have a look at Maud Interiors proposals. Nicola Paisley, the founder, seems to have the perfect job, she travels all around the world to source beautiful handcrafts to sell. After Carrie Bradshaw’s job as column writer in the series Sex & The City, this sounds like the dream occupation for me.

I love the Moroccan wedding creamy blanket  with sequins, it is one of these things that will always find a place in your home.