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Hello, everyone. How is this new year for you?

According to the stars, 2016 has been a dejected and problematic year for most people but 2017 is supposed to be looking up.

I don’t particularly believe in horoscopes but I have to admit, I feel much more positive that in the last few months of 2016.

I feel much more active (could be the magnesium I am taking?), much more clear-minded (could have been the weekI spent in the sun?) and much more chilled (could have been the influence of the all smiling Rastas I met in Dominica?).

The net is full of motivational messages. Everywhere is full of encouragement – “be brave”, be happy, be yourself, be good to yourself, you will make it; on Instagram, Facebook, on walls, printed on posters, stickers, t-shirts, tea cups;  you can even buy books that promise to teach you how to be more productive in gas stations , less stressed, more centred, healthier; you can join courses, download apps that tutor you to be a satisfied individual.

The Dalai Lama has never been more popular amongst people who hardly know who he is, Herbalife is probably doubling their sales and a series of new gurus are filling up big theatres.
I believe that there is nothing wrong in needing a bit of encouragement or inspiration in certain periods of your life.

We all benefit from a dose of positiveness or good, even if generic, advice, there is nothing wrong with it.

Don’t worry I won’t start feeding you motivational anthems!

I will just say that when I am down or stuck, travelling helps me put things in prospective. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean going to remote places carrying only a  small back-pack (even if this is still my favourite way of doing it), traveling is first of all opening your heart and your eyes to understand things better, learning new things about yourself, being in contact with nature and meeting different people. You can do it even in the city where you live.

Karen Cantuq travels from her desk in Mexico where she makes these dream-like illustrations.

She adds unusual elements in natural settings, like a flying elephant walking on a wood, balloons held by an astronaut standing on a icy lake, flamingos on busy beaches, whales floating in the sky.

Karen Cantuq‘s posters are the illustrated example of how you can find something fabulous in a known landscape, it all depends on your point of view. deco_karen_cantuq_illustrations_astronauthsdeco_karen_cantuq_illustrations_flamingosdeco_karen_cantuq_illustrations_giraffe_2 deco_karen_cantuq_illustrations_sea deco_karen_cantuq_illustrations-copia deco_karen_cantuq_illustrations_elephant