A French artist in the Dominican jungle

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On a rainy afternoon in Dominica, my beloved Tom and myself, discovered a magical place, Indigo Tree Cottages.

That morning, flicking through a local free magazine, we read an interview to with a French artist who has lived  on the island since 1984 and we decided to pay her a visit. Having parked the car at the crossroad between three sandy roads, we  followed the stone painted signs (see photo below) and made our way up to Indigo Tree Cottages, where Marie Frederick lives, works and hosts guests.

All around we were  surrounded by an explosion of amazing lush plants and we saw on our left the house pictured in the image below.

The house is on an elevated wooden platform and is composed of a living area where the kitchen, living room and bar area are; it looks like a sort of terrace overlooking the jungle paradise, with only a few wooden walls.

The night and studio area is in a house nearby and is composed of a big space where there is a spectacular four poster bed and a veranda.

This house is on the only piece of flat land I can see. I don’t have many photos of it because it got dark very quickly.

The place is magical, everything is stylish and stylishly set: her art work, her husband’s wooden furniture, the vintage objects scattered around, the African and Indian textiles used as curtains and tablecloths. The more we looked around, the more Tom and I realised we had found a gem.

While nosing around, a lady in her fifties with stylish red glasses and an indisputable French allure appeared.

Marie has been living here since 1984. Having travelled all around the world, she fell in love with the island and with Clem, a Rasta gentleman born and bred in Dominica. They moved onto the land owned by Clem’s father and they have lived there ever since.

Apart from their house, they have an amazing cottage available for rent. It comes without saying that staying at the Indigo cottage is now on my wish list, quite near the top if  am to be honest.

Embraced by the jungle, overlooking paradise in a very well-organized, elegant cottage, with a charming company. A unique experience.


@most photos are mine, the ones of the cottage to let are from Indigo Tree Cottages website