The Italian director Guadagnino’s incredible house

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Luca Guadagnino‘s house was to die for even before the Italian director re-decorated it, a stunning 17th century palace outside Milan, with decorated ceilings, doors and window doors.

He managed to take away the attention to the period features and making the space not just (another) period house, using unusual colours and pieces of art and furniture from different times and geographical areas.

For instance in the living he used for the walls a rich blue which create an elegant contrast with the terracotta floor and the 18th Japanese panels framed in gold, and make it more modern adding vibrant colors like the purple of velvet of the armchair and different light blues.

The dining is painted in a dull lilac, another unusual but successful choice that enhances the sage green of the doors and the brown of the half century wooden chest. The shiny dark wood table gives the room a more contemporary feeling but because it reflects the light it is doesn’t dominate.

Plants and pots of naturally arranged flowers add life all over the house.

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@photos by Mikael Olsson for the New York Times Style Magazine