Classic with a twist in Rome

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Hello everyone, it is bank holiday weekend in Italy and thankfully it is cloudy. Yes, you read correctly you people living in rainy countries, I am glad that it is not sunny.

It has been unusually hot since late May, above average temperatures for the month, and in Rome we feel like it is the end of July not June. We are ready for our holidays which you may understand could be a problem.

As you’ve probably guessed by now this is an unusual post so to carry on in the same vein,  I am going to publish a place that it is different from what I generally show you: the resort Gran Mèlia.

I would define this hotel, located on the stunning Gianicolo hill in Rome, along the Vatican walls, as classic with a twist. Fine wooden floors and some revisitation of classic art works give the white rooms personality keeping the space for every taste.

Apart from the apparently excellent restaurant Viva Voce, the resort has a Martini and Pommery Champagne bar called La Biblioteca, with interesting shaped armchairs and an impressive replica of a Roman face sculpture; You can also dine and drink at the Nectar Bar and Restaurant where big canvases echo the colors of the chairs and tables.

IPhone photos courtesy of photographer Elio Rosato.