They all speak about…Polkras Lampas

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This “They all speak about..” post (for more see the links at the end of this) is dedicated to a Russian artist called Polkras Lampas (what a cool name, how is it cool people have cool names?).

This young man is a graffiti artist and fine calligrapher working for some of the most prestigious brands worldwide. The word calligraphy comes from ancient greek and it means beautiful writing: calligraphy is when writing becomes visual art, when the writing is so harmonious and well executed that it is beautiful to look at despite what it means. In brief calligraphy is when writing stops being a form of communication and becomes art.

The most famous calligraphers are probably the Japanese; you have probably seen them in movies or videos, concentrated in writing black characters with big brushes on long white paper.

Polkra Lampas does that but in a contemporary way. He does it with a street art approach, in a so much faster and messier way and he does it for cool brands on everything, bottles, t-shirts, walls or in our case roofs.

These are the photos of the work he did on Fendi’s maison in Rome which is in a spectacular fascist period building called by the Romans “the square colosseum” or more trivially “gruyere”.

The images and video speak for themselves.

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