The perfect private holiday villa in Rio de Janeiro

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Chez Georges is the perfect luxury holiday villa in my advice, I just love it.

The house was built in the 19070’s by Wladimir Alves De Souza, a modernist Brazilian architect, famous as well for its brutulist architecture.

It was recently beautifully renovated inside and outside. I wonder how it was originally, above all its interiors. Now the spaces are unified by the warm brown of the ubiquitous wood and the vary shades of the leather upholsteries.

The furniture is mainly vintage from different years and geographical areas (mainly 1950s and 1960s).

The windows frame the lush vegetation outside making superflous decorating walls with art.

Shutters, wardrobes doors and doors are examples of how you can use wood giving it a pattern, carving it or panelling for instance.

There would be a lot to say about the private villa Chez Georges, to not speak about Rio De Janeiro that I have never visited but must as fascinating as many times was described.

The house is available for rent on Airbnb.

We spoke in the past about another amazing place decorated with vintage furniture and a lot of wood, the jewellery designer Nishu Karimjee‘s house that you can see here.

Photos from Airbnb website.