The Bamboo House

in Arts+ Crafts, Color Inspiration, Furniture, Interiors

I have always associated bamboo with exotic places and this beach house on the Caribbean island of Mustique is probably the best and most extreme use of this material Ive seen in a long time.

Built by the Swedish architect Arne Hasselqvist in the Seventies, the house was redesigned by Veere Greeney, an interior designer based in London. Veere was very familiar with the island when he bought the property because by that stage he had already decorated a number of houses in the area. He wanted the house to reflect the real spirit of Mustique, an enchanting and authentic island, for nature lovers rather than party goers.

The bamboo, typical of the Grenadines, was the perfect material to achieve the spare, pure aesthetic that Veere Greeney had in mind. The warm, golden hue of the bamboo enhances and complements the only other color allowed, the lush green of the vegetation that surrounds the villa.

The bamboo sticks that also dress the ceiling , recall the texture of a natural textile.

The furniture, also made of bamboo, was sourced online or in Los Angeles and Miami and it is mainly vintage.

The result is a natural nest that sits perfectly on the Caribbean island.

The only thing I would have added is some vivacious tropical red-blu-green based prints on the sofas, armchairs and cushions but this is the beauty of decoration, we all see it in our own way.